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TV Aerials Installation & Repairs - Upgrades For Digital - Additional TV Points Fitted

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Digital TV Aerial Installation - 20% Off
Get a Digital TV aerial installation for Freeview the same day by the professionals with no fuss for trouble free reception in Edinburgh & Lothians, Our TV aerial engineer can visit your home today and give you a Free No obligation written quote, We Are Your local TV Aerial & Satellite installation company in Edinburgh covering Lothians, We Provide upgrades and new TV aerial installations for digital Freeview. We can also install additional TV points in as many room as you like feeding perfect signals around your home or business, and if you live in a poor reception area, rest assure Morningside Aerials can still help

TV Aerial Repairs - (No Call Out Charges)
If you are experiencing problems with your existing TV aerial Installation (Blocking Pictures Or Freezing Images) our vans are fully equipped for TV Aerial repairs Edinburgh & Lothians, our experienced TV Aerial engineers can advise the costing whilst on site to supply and install of any parts that might be required before any work commences, call 0131 443 0042 to book an engineer visit today

Freeview HD Aerials
There is a new Mux available from Emley Moor transmitter for TV aerial installations In Edinburgh, which is Mux 39, with this Mux you can now pick up the HD channels, BBC1 - ITV and channel Four HD, (Please note you will need a HD receiver to be able to get these channels in HD, alternatively a HD TV with inbuild HD tuner) if you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us on 0131 443 0042, if you would like to book a free quote for a Freeview HDTV aerial installation in Edinburgh Lothians, you can now a free engineer visit online, alternately call us now 0131 443 0042

Freeview & How it works
Freeview channels are all free without any subscription. Freeview is received via a digital TV aerial together with a Freeview box or integrated digital TV (IDTV) In order to ascertain as to whether your aerial is compatible for Freeview TV, Morningside Aerials offer a Free onsite quote. Our engineers carry a comprehensive range of digital TV aerials for Freeview which can either be affixed to existing fittings or we can install a complete new Digital aerial for you.
We can discuss your specific needs and assess the existing installations. We will give recommendations based on this assessment and Endeavour to offer 2 - 3 options to provide trouble free reception. Remember Its a Free Quote & No Obligation. All Our digital TV aerials are benchmarked and compliant to the CAI standards, and can be installed to improve the quality of reception for your home viewing, all installations are carried out by an experienced TV aerial engineer, and furthermore we provide a 1 year written guarantee giving you peace of mind and confidence in our services

Freeview+ - Record - Pause - Rewind Live TV
Freeview+ is similar to both Sky+ and the new BBC Freesat+ PVR, you have the ability to pause rewind your favourite digital television shows, as well as all of the great freeview channels, with freeview+ you can record them and watch them whenever you want.
Freeview+ digital can record your favourite TV shows whilst you are not home ensuring you never miss your favourite TV program or film again, you can even set your Freeview+ receiver to record an entire series of programs by simply pressing one button. Freeview+ requires no monthly charges or subscription, you may require the installation of a digital TV aerial depending on your existing TV aerial system and signal strengh

The Digital Switchover For Edinburgh & Lothians (September 21st 2011)
The UK is steadily switching its TV system to digital transmission, this offers more TV channels in better picture quality, To ensure you receive the full benefit of digital TV programming, you could need a digital compatible TV aerial, and either a digital television with an integrated digital freeview tuner or a freeview set top box, Freeview TV provides approximately 50 digital television channels and 24 digital radio channels also digital teletex with digital programming guides and interactive services, For more information please feel free to contact us direct on 0131 443 0042